Best Free Cydia Apps for iPad Air and iPad mini


Among all iPad owners, there is a group of people prefer to jailbreak their iPad regardless of iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini. This is because they want to get the best free Cydia apps and use it on their iPad. Without jailbreak, it is almost impossible to run cracked apps on and iPad. For those who already jailbreak and have download Cydia to your iPad, you can check out the 2015 best free Cydia apps for iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini. This list is voted by 100 readers of Cydiawater. It is an interesting list for all iPad owners around the world. For Cydia beginners, you may follow the how to download Cydia on iPad if you not yet set up Cydia.




From iOS 7 to iOS 8, we have seen more and more retina-capable apps and games made for the iPhone. RetinaPad is a useful app for iPad users who want to run these iPhone apps on the iPad. This app basically enables retina display for iPad when you launch a retina-capable apps or games. It makes everything look clearer and sharper. RetinaPad supports iOS 6 and iOS 7 and it can be downloaded from Ryan Petrich repo for free. With customized apps, you can now use Whatsapp on iPad.

Cydia apps for iPad
RetinaPad – One of the best Cydia apps for ipad




AdBlocker, can you guess what this free app do? Yes! It blocks all the intolerable advertisements from Safari web browser, apps and games. This is very helpful because you can have a better navigation and surfing experience. To install this free Cydia app, you can add Yllier repo. See also: top 10 best Cydia apps for iPad.




FlipControlCenter has recently updated to support all iOS 8 devices include the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini. It is an app that works similar to CCControls where you can customize the Control Center and Quick Launch of your iPad or iPhone. FlipControlCenter is a free app and you can get it from Ryan Petrich repo for free.




Activator has too many features to be mentioned. The basic one includes centralized gestures, button and add shortcut to anywhere in your iOS. The number of shortcuts is unlimited and you can set to perform any actions. This is a must-have Cydia app for all iOS 8 users especially who want a faster iPad and iPhone. Again, this is one free app from Ryan Petrich repo.




What do you do with the large iPad scree? Watch movie? Watch music video? Install Netflix to your iPad and you can turn it to a TV right away. Netflix comes with tons of TV shows, films and documentaries. It is free to download this app and you can subscribe to it from $8 a month to enjoy unlimited videos from anywhere. Alternatively, you can try torrents on iPad if you want to download movie, music or videos to an iPad.

Netflix iPad
Netflix on iPad


Other free Cydia apps for iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini to make this list top 10: DocScan, Elevate, Deliveries, BringFido, and SwiftKey. Read apps like Installous for iPad for more free iOS apps.


It is very hard for Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell to imagine that people in this world are using iPhone, iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini for communication when he invented the telephone in 1976. Without doubt, iPad is one of the biggest revolutions brought to the world by Apple founder Steve Jobs. No matter where you are, either on train or bus, you can constantly see people holding an iPad for reading or games. This is a common scene in the today’s world. Have you ever owned an iPad and try the above Cydia apps? Let us know your thoughts.


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