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This is a complete Cydia guide for dummies who do not know how to use Cydia, how to download Cydia and how to install Cydia apps to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. For Cydia beginners, it is a must to understand that Cydia apps do not mean cracked apps although you can download paid apps for free from Cydia App Store. Except third party apps, there are still some paid apps in the Cydia App Store. These apps and tweaks are usually made by famous developers who develop apps that are able to customize an iOS devices including the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As iOS 8 jailbreak is already available, let’s follow the Cydia guide here to learn how to use Cydia from zero.


Install Cydia without Jailbreak


There are so many people wondering and hoping they can install Cydia without jailbreak on an iOS device. The answer is NO since day one. Of course, there are many websites giving tutorial to download Cydia without jailbreak but most of them are nonsense. At our best, you can only install Cydia apps from OpenAppMkt without jailbreak. In a nutshell, the first thing to do before you can use Cydia is to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Once you are jailbroken, you can follow the next Cydia guide to install Cydia.


How to Download Cydia


In the market today, there are tons of ways to download and install Cydia to an iOS device. To begin, you will first need to check your iOS version. iOS 8 users are recommended to use Pangu Jailbreak Tools to jailbreak your device and then install Cydia to it. As for iOS 7.1.2 users, you are suggested to use Pangu, Evasi0n, Absinthe or Resn0w to jailbreak it. These jailbreak tools usually come with Cydia and you will get Cydia automatically after the jailbreak process. To begin, follow the step by step guide here to download Cydia to your iOS 8 and iOS 7 devices.


Cydia logo
Cydia Logo – This is what you will see on your iOS device


How to Add Cydia Repo for Starter


By reading till here, we assume that you already jailbreak and install Cydia to your iOS device. In order to download your first Cydia app, you will need to have Cydia sources or Cydia repos (also called Cydia repositories). Open Cydia and go to Manage -> Sources, you will see there is a list of default Cydia repos such as BigBoss, ModMyi, iSpazio, Ste Packaging, ZodTTD and Telesphoreo Tangelo. They are a few important Cydia repos but you still need to add a Cydia repo that hosts the app you want. See the top 10 Best Cydia repos list and you will get a rough idea of what Cydia repo to be added.


How to Add Cydia Apps


Now you have installed Cydia sources that host the app you want. Check out the best Cydia apps of all time if you are new to Cydia and then follow these steps to install them.

  1. Go to Cydia -> Manage -> Sources.
  2. Tap on the repo that hosts your desired app.
  3. Tap the search tab and type in the text field what app you want to install.
  4. Select the app and tap “Install” and then tap “Confirm”.
  5. Cydia will begin to download and install the app.
  6. Wait until the process is finished then restart your springboard or reboot to return to Cydia.


You can always backup Cydia apps if you have a lot of apps in your iDevice and you don’t want to lose it.


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