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It’s 2015 and the iOS 8 jailbreak is already available for a few months. Getting Cydia downloads on iOS 8 devices such as iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and other iOS devices is no longer something fresh. However, what make your iOS device fresh are those amazing apps that must be mentioned again and again. Today, we are going to use this beautiful morning to check out the five amazing Cydia apps from Cydia store. Most of these Cydia tweaks are free and the “uninstall rate” is close to zero. Cydia users love them so much and you will definitely fall in love with these tweaks too.

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Winterboard is one of the must-have Cydia apps in Cydia store. Many iPhone users install Winterboard right after they jailbreak and install Cydia to their iPhone. The main reason is Winterboard allows them to customize the look of their iPhone from head to toe. Besides, there is also a list of wonderful Cydia themes available in Winterboard, for example, Soft for iOS 8 (cost $2.00), Andora (cost $2.00), Aelon iOS 8 (cost $1.99), Obscure 7 ($0.99), Enlightened iOS 8 (Free theme), Ayecon (cost $2.99), and more. To install Winterboard, you can open Cydia, go online and use the Search tab to search for “Winterboard”. It takes less than 3 minutes to install it.


Springtomize 3


Springtomize 3 is an awesome app that made for the iOS 8 devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. It is an outstanding in the Cydia store because it also comes with the ability to change the look of an iOS 8 device. Springtomize 3 is not a free app and it costs $2.99 to download from the Cydia App Store. Every dime is worth because the $2.99 you pay come with a list of customization options including a few ready made themes for iPhone, iPad Air, and iPod Touch. To install Springtomize 3, you will need to go online and add Filippo Bigarella source or BigBoss source.




SBSettings has been available since iPhone 3GS was launched and it is still one of the most popular Cydia apps from Cydia store. There must be more than a reason why SBSettings is so famous. The main reason is that SBSettings helps an iPhone user to manage their iPhone settings faster. With SBSettings, you can perform a task quicker. For example, you don’t have to go to settings and then this and that to enable or disable Wi-Fi or Airplane mode. SBSettings allow you to do this with just one touch. In short, this is the perfect app for impatient user.




StopSend is not a very popular app but it deserves a seat in the “Best Cydia Apps for iPhone” list. This app is now available in Cydia store in beta version and it is developed by Sassoty. The autocorrect features in your iPhone and iPad can be fail, thus, the main feature of StopSend is to save you from weird messages caused by the autocorrect. This app will disable the Send button if the autocorrect prompt is active. This allows you to double check the message before sending it out. We can see more features are coming and it is definitely worth to give a try.




SBFlip is the coolest Cydia tweak you ever wanted in this year. You need to download Cydia and download SBFlip if you have not tried it out. SBFlip lets you control the rotation of your homescreen on all iOS 8 devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You are allowed to set rotation for apps but toggle rotation for springboard or vice versa. Other than that, you can also control the dock icons style when the screen is being rotate. Last but not least, SBFlip is a free app and it is available to download from BigBoss from anytime, simply the best free Cydia apps for the New Year.


Well, what are your favorite app for 2015 and what kind of Cydia apps you would like to bring it to Cydia store in 2016? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts here.


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