How to Install HipStore to an iOS device for Free


HipStore or Hip Store is currently one of the best Installous alternatives that allow their users to install IPA files to a jailbroken iOS device. In other words, HipStore allows you to install any apps you want for free as long as the IPA files is available for download. The entire idea behind cracked apps is to allow potential app buyers to test an app before buying it. Whether it is HipStore, Pandaapp, Zeusmos, iFunBox, or other apps that give you the door to access free apps, their purpose are always the same – just for you to test an app. It is highly recommended to buy an app once you have found the app is delicious for you. Let’s see how you can install HipStore for free on an iOS device.


How to Install HipStore


Step 1: HipStore is NOT going to work on any non-jailbreak iOS device, thus, please jailbreak it before you proceed to the next step. The next thing to get is nothing but Cydia. Cydia always play an important role in the process of getting a free app.


Step 2: Download AppSync to your device once it is jailbroken. Get the appropriate AppSync version according to your iOS version. For example, AppSync 5.0+ is for iOS 5.x, AppSync 6.0+ is for iOS 6.x and so on.


Step 3: Open Cydia and go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add. These steps have been repeated many times in previous tutorial. Please refer some of the previous article for clearer instructions if this is your first time installing an app from Cydia. Next, key in HipStore repo source (cydia.heaveniphone is the recommended repo) and look for HipStore. Tap on HipStore and install it. It will be installed in less than 60 seconds if your connection isn’t slow. Bingo! Now you have got HipStore installed.


How to use HipStore to install cracked iPA files


Download and install HipStore is easy but it requires some reading tips before you can start to install cracked iPA files with it. This step-by-step tutorial will give you a clue on how to download apps and games and install it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using IPA installer.


Step 1: What else except “Launch your HipStore”?

Step 2: At the search bar, put in the name of the app you want and search for it. The app will be appeared if it is available in the database. There will be Info, Description, and Download buttons appeared on top. Tap on the Download and then Install (latest version). A download status bar will be appeared at the bottom immediately. When an app is downloading, you can tap the Downloads button to view the progress. DO NOT quit the app or lock your iOS device otherwise the download will be stopped instantly. Wait until the app is completely downloaded and then exit HipStore.

Step 3: Install IPA Installer to your iOS device if you don’t have one. Launch it and go to the Downloads section. Tap on the app you downloaded in Step 2 and install it to your iDevice. You will get your cracked app within a minute! Easy isn’t? That’s why HipStore is now widely recognised as an awesome app. Now what? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the app.

IPA Installer


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