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Whether you want to run a jailbreak app or cracked tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is a must to have AppSync. Normally, a cracked app is not signed by Apple and that’s the reason you can install it to your iOS device. However, you can’t use the cracked app if it is not signed. Here comes the job that AppSync does. AppSync signs all the modified apps in order to make it work on your jailbroken iOS device. With AppSync installed, you can simply install any Cydia apps or tweaks from Kuaiyong, AppCake, vShare and some other popular Installous alternatives.


Although AppSync allows you to run cracked apps and games, it is a necessary to install the correct version. AppSync 7.0+ is made for all iOS 7 devices (see AppSync iOS 7 for more details). If you would like to install AppSync on iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4, iOS 8.5 and the latest iOS 8 version till iOS 9, you need to install AppSync 8.0+. As TaiG iOS 8.4 jailbreak has just released, there are a few working Cydia sources that gives you AppSync iOS 8. For those who are new to AppSync, you may follow the step by step guide here to add AppSync iOS 8 with a working Cydia repo.


How to Add AppSync iOS 8


This is a method to add AppSync 8.0+ from Cydia, thus, it won’t work without jailbreak. In fact, it is impossible to run jailbreak apps or games with no jailbreak because you need a jailbroken iOS device to download Cydia.


Step 1: Launch Cydia and go to Manage -> Sources -> Tap.


Step 2: See the Edit button on top? Tap on it and then tap the Add button.


Step 3: You will see Enter Cydia/APT URL. This is where you need to add AppSync iOS 8 repo. There are a few available online and they are:

a. – see AppDB for more details

b. – Karen’s Pineapple Repo that provides AppSync Unified. It is the best AppSync Unified Repo you can get for now.

c. – AppVV is one of the best Cydia repos that host AppSync iOS 7, therefore, it is reliable for AppSync iOS 8.


Appsync iOS 8


Step 4: Enter your preferred Cydia repo to the text box and tap Add Source. Tap Add Anyway if there is a warning message.


Step 5: Tap Return to Cydia.


Step 6: Go to the Cydia repo you add in Step 3 and search for AppSync 8.0+, AppSync 8 or AppSync iOS 8. Tap on it to install it to your iOS 8 device right away.


Does it work for you? If AppSync is not working on your iOS 8 device, please share your problems with the comment features below. Let us know your iOS version and the Cydia repo you select to add AppSync iOS 8. Our readers will definitely give a helping hand to you.


Disclaimer: This is a Cydia guide for iOS 8 users to add AppSync 8. We don’t meant to support piracy. It is highly recommended not to pirate and support the developers by buying the app or game after trying it.

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