AppCake, Kuaiyong and AppAddict on iOS 9


Our team have upgraded our iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod Touch to iOS 9 when Apple released the firmware last few days. The first thing we did was download vShare to iOS 9 without jailbreak. Unexpectedly, it works flawlessly and you can download hundreds of free iOS 9 apps from vShare without paying anything. Today, we try to install some other Installous alternatives to iOS 9 which are AppCake, Kuaiyong, AppAddict, MovieBox, 25pp, iFile and GBA4iOS. Without surprise, only some of these apps work without jailbreak on the brand new iOS 9 firmware.


Kuaiyong on iOS 9 without Jailbreak


Kuaiyong is always one of the best apps to get cracked apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak. It works perfectly on iOS 7, iOS 8 and now iOS 9 without the need to jailbreak. This is one big reason why Apple users love to use Kuaiyong because you can get tons of cracked apps while keeping your Apple warranty. Last few years, Kuaiyong is only available in Chinese but now you can download Kuaiyong English version for iOS 9.

Kuaiyong iOS 9


AppAddict on iOS 9 without Jailbreak


AppAddict has been widely recognized as one of the best Installous alternatives, this is 100% true because it is feeding thousands of free apps to iOS users including those who are using the latest iOS 9. In iOS 8, jailbreak users can just download AppAddict from AppAddict repo. While iOS 9 jailbreak is still on its way, the only thing you can do is to download iFunBox and then install AppAddict on your iOS 9 devices. It has been tested on the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air and iPad mini and AppAddict iOS 9 work without any problem.

AppAddict iOS 9


AppCake on iOS 9 without Jailbreak


Generally, AppCake runs only on jailbreak devices but this time we are able to use AppCake on iOS 9 without jailbreak. If you are jailbroken, you can get AppCake from iPhoneCake repo through Cydia. Instead, you need to download iPAStore in order to install AppCake on iOS 9 without jailbreak. Currently, it is the only way to get AppCake on iOS 9 because the jailbreak not yet available.

AppCake iOS 9


MovieBox on iOS 9 without Jailbreak


MovieBox is an app that works like PlayBox HD that gives you the best entertainment package to watch free movies or MTV from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To download MovieBox iOS 9 without jailbreak, you are required to download vShare iOS 9. Once you already installed vShare on your iOS 9 device, you can search for MovieBox and install it for free.

MovieBox iOS 9


So far, 25pp, iFile and GBA4iOS do not work on iOS 9 without jailbreak. You are required to jailbreak in order to run these apps to get paid apps for free. In the world of iOS 9, no one will ever think about Installous since Kuaiyong, vShare, Zeusmos, AppAddict, AppCake, xSellize and similar Installous alternatives have been introduced to the market. They are simply amazing for Apple users who want cracked apps without jailbreak.


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