Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 9.3.3 in 2016


As we are entering the last quarter of 2016, it is time to rate and rank the top 10 best Cydia tweaks and apps for iOS 9.3.3 in this year. In 2016, there are hundreds of new Cydia tweaks were introduced to the market. Some of them are extremely useful but some are rubbish apps. Among all the apps available in the Cydia App Store, we have sorted the top 10 best for iOS 9.3.3. Most of these tweaks are free. There are only a few of them are paid Cydia apps. Although they are paid apps, they deserve a seat in the top 10 list because the benefits they bring to iOS users are priceless!




HapticLock is a very simple app. All it does is adding a little vibration for you when you lock your device. This little vibration is known as Haptic Feedback. HapticLock is a free Cydia tweak. It works well on iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9, iOS 10 as well as iOS 8. Everything is automated, no configuration is needed.


Tap to Translate


This is a free app available from BigBoss repo. With Tap to Translate, you can tap on any word or sentences to translate to the language you want. It works exactly like Google’s Tap to Translate feature from Android.

tap to translate Cydia tweak



Although Activator has been mentioned again and again in almost every best Cydia Tweaks list, it has to be mentioned again. This app works amazingly cool not just on iOS 9.3.3 but also all kinds of iOS devices include iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With Activator, you can set up automations and shortcuts for different kinds of actions, for instances, turn on your alarms automatically or change songs using the home button on your iDevice.




This app allows you to hide apps on the home screen as well as from spotlight via AppHide has been tested on jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 devices such as iPhone SE and iPad pro. To install AppHide, add the Cydia source JerrEn’s Repo and you will get it for free.




There are times where we accidentally delete an app that we actually want it. Install ConfirmWithCena from BigBoss repo if this always happen to you. ConfirmWithCena is a free app that has your back.


Speed Intensifier


Couldn’t stand slow thing in your iPhone or iPad? Install Speed Intensifier to speed up everything in your iOS include animations. It simply makes everything feel quicker. Again, Speed Intensifier is a free app available in BigBoss repo.




InstandTouchID makes unlock easier. It allows you to unlock your iPhone by resting your finger on the Touch ID sensor. That’s it!




While jailbreak is getting more popular, many apps have included a “jailbreak check”. Pokemon Go is one to be mentioned. In order to bypass the jailbreak check on all jailbroken devices, you need an app like tsProtector8. tsProtector8 works flawlessly on iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.4, 9.3.5, 8.4, and 7.1.2.


CameraTweak 4


CameraTweak 4 is not a free app. It costs $1.49 to download from BigBoss repo but every penny is worth it. This app basically turn your iPhone into a professional camera so that you can catch every moment professionally. Among the features CameraTweak 4 provides for iPhone are manual ISO, separated focus and white balance, white balance lock, Aperture settings, Lapse timer, various photography guides, un-mirrored sefies and many more. The latest CameraTweak 4 support iOS 9.3.3 perfectly.

cameratweak 4 for iPhone

Resero 9


Use Resero 9 to shrink down the size of notifications banners if you think the one in iOS 9.3.3 is taking too much space. With Resero 9, you can also ignore the notifications if you are busy using an app. Resero 9 is a new jailbreak tweak made for iOS 9. You won’t feel regret to test it because it is free too!

resero 9 cydia tweaks
Top 10 best is always not enough, we leave the room here for you to fill up the rest. Share your thoughts with the comment feature below if you want to recommend any Cydia tweaks or apps for iOS 9.3.3.

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