How to Get Cydia Installer for Free


While the demand for free apps is on the rise, people often look for apps that allow them to download paid apps for free. Cydia is the one app that allows any jailbreak user to download free apps from Cydia Store. In order to get Cydia, a jailbreak user has to download Cydia installer to install Cydia on their iOS device. Whether you are running on iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, or iOS 7, there are a few methods to install Cydia on each iOS version independently. Now here are the top three ways to get Cydia Installer for free. You may pick one method that matches your iOS version and follow the steps to download Cydia to your iOS device in less than five minutes. Yes, all it takes is nothing but five minutes.

Cydia Installer

Get Cydia Installer during Jailbreak

The easiest way to download Cydia to an iOS device is to go through a jailbreak process. In fact, it is a must to jailbreak before an iOS device is able to install Cydia. There are many jailbreak software available in the market today packaged with Cydia Installer. Almost every jailbreak process will have a check box for Cydia. Make sure you enable the Cydia check box during the installation. The software will then install Cydia to your iOS device automatically after the jailbreak finished. This method is the easiest way to get Cydia. It is good for beginners who have never heard of Cydia before. Redsnow, Greenpoison, and Snowbreeze are the top three recommended free jailbreak tools with Cydia Installer.


Update Cydia Installer Automatically 

Just like any other software, Cydia frequently release new version to serve the community with better features. There is a necessity to update Cydia to keep things up to date. A very simple way to do so is to let the program run itself. All you have to do is open up Cydia and see if there is any “Upgrade Essential” appears. Tap on the “Upgrade Essential” from your device and then “Confirm” to let the app run itself. Your Cydia version will be updated to the latest version the next time you re-open it. Make sure you are connected to the internet before updating. See how to update Cydia for more details.


Reinstall Cydia

The third essential thing to learn is reinstall Cydia. There are times where Cydia won’t work after the jailbreak process. All you have to do is reinstall Cydia without re-jailbreak. In order to reinstall Cydia, you will first need to remove it and then download the latest DEB file from Saurik’s server. Transfer the Cydia DEB file from your computer to your jailbroken iOS device and then use Cydia Installer to install it again. See how to reinstall Cydia for detail steps.


Disclaimer: We,, do not encourage anyone to use cracked apps. Using cracked apps is like stealing digital property from the developer. The intention of having cracked apps is to give potential buyer a chance to test an app before buying it. Thus, we highly recommend all our readers to buy it after test it. A few cents to a few dollars doesn’t really hurt you right?


The three methods mentioned above is how to install Cydia, how to update Cydia Installer, and how to reinstall Cydia. You are welcome to use the comment box below to share your thoughts if you have a better idea to perform these tasks.

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