What is Cydia?


What is Cydia? Cydia is a mobile application that allows you to download and install other software packages on any iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Cydia is almost similar to Apple App Store because both of them are platform for iOS device owners to access millions of applications based on their needs. Everyday, there are thousands of people looking for free app through Cydia while some purchase the apps they want with a little fees. However, some of the software packages available through Cydia are free although they are with a price tag in Apple App Store. This is one reason why a lot of people want to install Cydia so crazily. In other words, Cydia is a door for iDevice owners to go through and access any kind of dream apps and tweaks they desired. Cydia may be described as a fruit farm and iDevice users are fruit eater. All you need to do is go to Cydia farm and get all kind of fruits you want include apple, orange, strawberry, banana, and others. So, where do all these apps come from? As mentioned above, Cydia is a platform as well as a doorway for iOS users to get the apps they want. It is also a platform for mobile apps developer to upload and sell the apps they developed. You can find thousands of free apps in Cydia but some require purchasing. If the app is really useful, a few dollars doesn’t hurt isn’t?

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It’s all started in 2008 when the founder of Cydia Jay Freeman (Saurik) introduced the first open-source alternative to install apps on iPhone. Since then, more and more iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users have installed Cydia to their iDevices. Besides free apps, Cydia also allows iDevice users a few special things that Apple doesn’t offers. For example, you can download SBsettings from Cydia store and then change the outlook of your iPhone with different kind of free themes include Serious theme, iPhone Congruency theme, or the Shwank theme. All these settings can’t be done without having Cydia installed in your iPhone. Another huge attraction of Cydia is that it allows you to install free cracked apps. An iPhone users can install all find kind of premium apps on their device through a very famous Cydia apps named Installous. Now Cydia sounds very attractive to you right? Let’s see how can you install Cydia to your iDevices.


For those who are new comer to Apple devices, the word “Cydia” may sound unusual to them especially it always come with another term called “jailbreaking”. By reading until here, you should have known what is Cydia. In order to download Cydia, you will first have to jailbreak your iDevice. Jailbreak is a process of modifying iOS and gain access to the root areas that is disallowed by Apple. All the restriction imposed by Apple will be removed on a jailbroken device. In short, jailbreaking is means hacking the iOS device. It is impossible to download and install Cydia without jailbreak the device. Therefore, Cydia can only be installed to jailbroken iDevices. In the recent years, there were rumors going on saying jailbreak is illegal but there isn’t any official statement saying it is illegal. In a nutshell, legal or not, it is still in the grey zone.

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