5 Awesome Cydia Apps for iPhone 5


Give me five! Okay, we will give you 5 awesome Cydia apps for iPhone 5. Before you go through the application list below, please make sure you have jailbroken your iPhone 5 with Cydia installed. There are many ways to install Cydia on iPhone 5. You may pick a genuine way to do so if your iPhone 5 is still a brand new one. Last month, Evasi0n released a straight-forward method to jailbreak any Apple devices running on iOS 6, including the iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod Touch. All it takes is just five minutes for the entire process and it is free to download from Evasion’s official website. Cydia will be installed to your device once it has been jailbroken. Now here are your tasty Cydia apps for iPhone 5.

Zephyr ($5)

Zephyr is a famous Cydia tweak that makes multitasking faster and easier. It adds impressive swipe gesture functionality to your iPhone 5 that allows you to manage multitasking faster. With simple flicks from the bottom to top, you will be able to get to the app switcher panel rather than the traditional double tap the home button. Every little function is saving you a couple of seconds and it will become a day over the year. For those who have been with Zephyr for quite some time, do you agree that it is one of the greatest iOS tweak ever? As for the negative side, the only thing come across our mind is the zero landscape support.


Zeppelin (Free)

Zeppelin is another free Cydia apps which we think it is best for iPhone 5. It starts with “Zep” too but that is not the reason we put it into this list. This app is mainly built for iPhone users who love to customize their phone. It allows users to change their carrier logo to any kind of brands or characters instead of Apple logo.


FolderEnhancer ($2)

FolderEnhancer is an app that lets you to customize your folders so that they look tidy and easy to access. This app allows you to put an unlimited amount of apps in one folder instead of having all the apps at the home screen. You can also create folders within folders for easier access. Every folder can be customized with different designs for easier reorganization.


Instasnap (Free)

Do you think Instasnap sounds like Instagram? Well, there is a connection between two of them. Instasnap is an app that lets users to snap a photo and upload it right away to Instagram within seconds. You can choose “Tap to Snap” to snap a photo and upload to Instagram or “Tap to Tweet” to Tweet it or “Tap to Post” to post the photo to Facebook.


Octopus Keyboard ($4.99)

octopus keyboard cydia apps
The name of the app itself has given you a hint of what it is capable to do. Octopus has eight arms and it can definitely type faster than you do. Octopus Keyboard is a $4.99 app that place frequently used words or most likely next words above the default keyboard. For example, The above T, For above F, Of above O, and others. So chatters, this app is definitely for YOU!


Want more Cydia apps? See also: Top 10 Free Cydia Apps for iOS 6.1, Five Really Cool Cydia Apps. Also, please do not hesitate to leave any comments here if you hate any of the above mentioned apps for iPhone 5.

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