There is a lot of people jailbreak their iPad and install Cydia right after they bring it out from Apple store. If you are one of them and wondering what are the best Cydia apps for iPad, the list here may be a great reference for you. It took some time and effort to collect all the information for each app listed below. Therefore, please go through the app one by one and you will find all of them are very useful apps. (Note that the numbering below is not the ranking.)


1. ProTube HD – ProTube HD is the best YouTube application for iPad user. Why? This is because ProTube HD has the most complete functions you ever needed for iPad. It allows iPad user to download videos, stream HD movies, download audio, and other functions you always imagine iPad should has. Besides, ProTube HD also allows you to watch blocked videos and comment the video directly from the app. No one will ever say no to a Ferrari although ProTube HD comes with a little fee.


2. SBSettings – Come one, do we still have to further explain why SBSettings appear in this list? It is a must-have Cydia apps not only for iPad users but also iPhone and iPod Touch users. Why? It allows you to customize your iDevice settings and make them work faster and faster according to your needs. It also allows you to change any theme you want which Apple never allows. Once you have used it, you won’t live without it.


3. RetinaPad – Nothing to be sad if your iPad and iPad 2 do not have retina screen. You can download this app from Cydia store and it will help you to scale any iPhone apps to maximum resolution. It also makes your iPad work well with app that comes with retina graphics.


4. FolderEnhancer – This app allows iPad user to open folders faster and add up to 320 icons to a folder. Besides, FolderEnhancer let you to create folders inside of folders to manage all your stuffs better.


5. SplitMail – SplitMail is quite a new app as it was introduced last two years by a famous jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich. This tweak is for users who has a lot of emails everyday. This app displays the left column of emails in portrait mode in the same way when it is in landscape mode.


6. Gridlock – If you are someone love to arrange your homescreen icon in any arrangement you want, Gridlock is one great app for you. It allows you to drag and drop any icon to anywhere you want instead of the traditional apps alignment. The cost for this app is just $0.99.


7. FullScreen for iPad – One very important thing for all iPad users is full screen. This app has a full screen mode within Safari. Other than turning the default browser into a full-screen app, it also let you to add configurable gestures control options. It is very interesting because you can configure two finger swipes, three fingers tap, shake, double taps, and any kind of options you prefer. All these functions will cost you only $1.29.

FullScreen for Safari iPad
FullScreen for iPad


8. iWork – The size of an iPad is suitable to do some work such as typing. iWork is a great app for those who need a simple Microsoft Office look-a-like program in their iPad.


9. iFile – If you always need to copy, paste, edit, delete, and load all kind of files in your iPad or iPhone, iFile could be the best app to use. It allows you to perform all these functions within a few taps. It will save you up to at least a week over the year.


10. PhoneIT-iPad – You can turn your iPad into a fully functional phone if you always want an iPhone that is same size with your iPad. All you have to do is install PhoneIT-iPad and then you can make calls as well as send sms from the iPad. Furthermore, you can also use FaceTime calls to any phone number. With all these amazing functions, this is one of the best Cydia apps for iPad. Don’t worry, it is now support up to iOS 5.

PhoneIT iPad
Turn your ipad into a smartphone with PhoneIT-iPad

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