There are thousands of Cydia apps available in the Cydia store. Those apps are just like handbag brands available in a big department store. Sometimes your eyes can become blurred when you look at all the apps. Here in this article you will find five really cool Cydia apps among all the available apps in Cydia store. Do go through one by one and try to install them to your device. You will love all of them and you will at least keep them in your iDevice for more than a month. Why? This is because they are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci! Let’s get the party started.
An interesting thing with SBSettings is the capability that makes your iDevice works faster. SBSettings is one of the best Cydia apps that not just appear here in but also many other technology related websites. This app allows users to change the iOS settings in a special way instead of going through the normal gray setting screen. With this app, users can perform a few things faster than usual within few taps including turn on/off Wi-Fi, adjusting the brightness, as well as switching the device to Airplane mode.



Activator Cydia apps

If you ask any iDevice users to list their favorite Cydia apps, Activator will be in the top list. Activator is now a very popular Cydia app among Apple users because it allows you to activate any apps via shortcuts and gestures. You can place any shortcuts you want in your home screen for easier access. All it takes is just one tap to launch apps, mute the device, or control the brightness. Guess what? Such a good app cost nothing because it is free!



cydia theme winterboard

Winterboard is another huge name among all the cool Cydia apps. This app allows you to customize your springboard in any way you like. WInterboard is like a chef who will listen to your thoughts and turn the device into something that suits your taste. With Winterboard, you can download different kind of themes and change the outlook of your device. Some popular Winterboard themes are Wood Shelves, HD Suave, Illumine Complete, Apple Fully Loaded, imPulse (Retina), GlasKlart HD, Noki HD, eXplos1on HD, Prestige HD, and VIP HD.




Zephyr is one of the coolest Cydia apps ever and also one of the “eldest” Cydia apps in the market. The biggest advantage of having Zephyr is that it adds multitasking gestures to your iPhone. Besides, it also allows you to switch apps by swiping either left or right edges of the screen.




iFile is a cool app that gives you one of the best ways to manage different kind of files in your iDevices. You can navigate though your device’s system files such as the plague. Other than that, you can copy and paste files (email files, document folders, image folders) from/to anywhere you prefer. Last but to least, you can also change the permissions or compress/uncompress (.zip or .rar files) any folders easily. Although iFile is not a free app in Cydia, the little cost you pay for it is nothing compare to what it provides to you.

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