18 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone iOS 9


While the Semi Jailbreak iOS 9 is now available, you should check out the top 18 best Cydia tweaks for iPhone. These tweaks are available in the Cydia App Store for free and they work best on any jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone as well as iPhone running with iOS 8.4. This time, we are expecting a few more Cydia tweaks for the iOS 9. Check out the list of best Cydia apps for iPhone before you begin to try the app in the new list below.


Note: We didn’t include Winterboard, SBSettings and Activator in the list because they are all-time best Cydia apps. It is not necessary to keep repeating them in the new list.

best Cydia tweaks iPhone

  1. Multiplexer: A new Cydia tweak that takes multitasking on your iPhone to a whole new level. It features 6 different multitasking tweaks including Aura, Empoleon, Mission Control, Quick Access, Reach App and Swipe over.
  1. Tweak Count: Want to calculate how many tweaks installed in your iPhone? Tweak Count is the one you need. You can go through the list and uninstall tweaks that you seldom use. It works on iOS 8.4, iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9.
  1. FlipBook: A very simple Cydia app that allow iPhone users to browse Facebook in landscape mode. Nothing more.
  1. Facebook++: An app that puts Facebook Messenger back into the official Facebook app. With Facebook++, you don’t need to install Facebook Messenger app in order to chat with your friends.
  1. NoMessageFlash: With a simple user-interface, you can snap a photo with or without the flash. It is a free app and you can download it from Cydia App Store.
  1. Asphelia 2: It gives you a clean passcode interface as well as fingerprint scanning animation to protect your apps with Touch ID. In short, Asphelia 2 is the bodyguard of your iPhone.
  1. betterFiveIconDock: Many iPhone users love this app because it lets you add an additional icon to the iPhone dock. You can add a fifth icon to the iPhone dock with this app.
  1. ColorBadges: It changes the color of the notification badges on the home screen of your iPhone.
  1. 360 Battery Saver Pro: A must-have iPhone Cydia tweaks because it double your iPhone battery life. This app shuts down unused apps and turn off automatic updates from time to time to save your battery power.
  1. Springtomize 3: Springtomize has been one of the most wanted Cydia tweaks since iPhone 4 was released. This is because it provides you everything you need to customize your iPhone in any way you want from icon to themes.
  1. CallBar: It is hateful when you are concentrate on your iPhone and someone call you. With CallBar, it redesigns the incoming call view into a banner notification so that it doesn’t disturb what you are doing.
  1. Tage: You can access app switcher using gestures. It is a good app for iPhone users who want to make things quicker.
  1. TapSpring: It lets you respring your iPhone in an easier way by tapping an icon. The only drawback of this app is your iPhone will always respring if you tap on a wrong icon.
  1. Air Traffic Control: This app get rid of the airplane message alert when you launch an app in airplane mode. It is free to download from BigBoss repo.
  1. FolderEnchancer: It allows you to create nested folders and give you the ability to make the folders bigger. Select either a 4×4 or 5×5 layout.
  1. OSLite8: Get this app if you are a minimalist because it keep your iPhone’s clean. This app removes all the irrelevant temporary files.
  1. PrefDelete: It is easy to install a Cydia app but it is not easy to remove Cydia. With PrefDelete, you can delete any unwanted Cydia tweak by tapping and holding on the tweak’s icon.
  1. No Tracking: This is a must-have app if you want to avoid apps from tracking your data and your privacy. On the other hand, it saves your battery life too. See also: Best Cydia tweaks iOS 8.

Without a single doubt, the iOS 9 works a lot better than the previous iOS 8. If you have tried any apps listed above on your iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or any earlier iPhone, please tell us your experience here.

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