CCControls: Customize Control Center and Get Awesome iOS 7 Themes


CCControls is one of the best Cydia apps when it comes to control center customization for iOS 7 and perhaps iOS 8. This jailbreak tweak has been introduced to the Cydia App Store for more than a year and it is definitely an app that gives Cydia users a whole new way to manage their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. With CCControls installed, an iPhone user is allowed to add a few more toggles to the Control Center. Besides, you can also change the icon or position of the toggles. In other words, CCControls lets you change themes for toggles available in the iOS 7.


So, what kind of customization you can do with CCControls? For those who don’t like the standard circular toggles, you can change it to square type using the FlipSwitch framework. You can also select any color you want for the toggles. Be it solid colors or colored outline, the choice is in your hand. Take a look at the image here and you will understand why CCControls receive a lot of positive feedback from Cydia users. There are iOS users who jailbreak and download Cydia just to install CCControls.




Download CCControls Repo from Cydia


In order to use CCControls on iOS 7, iOS 6, and iOS 5, it is a must to jailbreak your iOS device. Make sure you have installed Cydia before you follow these steps to add CCControls repo to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


1. Tap on the Cydia icon on your homescreen and access to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add. As usual, you will see a pop up “Enter Cydia/APT URL” message box. This is where you have to add source for the app you want to install.


2. There are a few Cydia sources hosting CCControls but ModMyi Repo is highly recommended. Enter and tap on Add Source to continue.


3. Tap on Add Anyway and then Return to Cydia. Now go to ModMyi repo and search for CCControls. Tap on the latest version and install it to your iOS device.




CCControls Alternatives: FlipControlCenter (This app can be download through Ryan Petrich repo).


What if CCControls Not Working?


If the above installation method is not working for you, you may download CCControls DEB file and use an SSH program to transfer it to your jailbroken iOS device. Check if your iOS device is jailbroken or not. CCControls won’t install to any non-jailbreak Apple device.


CCContorls now supports Auxo 2. Therefore, you may install Auxo 2 once CCControls is installed. Auxo 2 is one of the most wanted Cydia apps for iOS 7. Auxo 2 allows you to customize how your iPhone works by offering a wide range of selections in the app Settings. In conclusion, CCContorls is a real control center you really want it. It is free to download from Cydia. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with the comment features below if you have been using CCControls. Just remember the CCC, which stands for Customize Control Center!

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