BigU Movies App Review: Download and Watch Free Movies


Great Cydia apps are aplenty on Cydia App Store but not much of apps that work like the bigU Movies app. An iOS user can download bigU Movies app and watch thousands of free movies on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Except streaming, bigU Movies allow you to download the movies you would like to keep. With this app installed in your iOS device, it will save you a lot of money. In short, it is a cracked source that gives you unlimited free movies.


It is free to download bigU movie app but it is not free to get an account. However, there are some unofficial ways to get a free bigU movies user name and password. The unofficial login password allowed you to enjoy free movie on any jailbreak iOS devices. On top of that, this free account works on Android devices too. So movie lovers, get your iPad or iPhone ready and follow these steps to download bigU movies app for free.


How to Download BigU Movies App


Step 1: Before you begin, it is vital to check that if your iOS device is jailbreak. It is a must to jailbreak and download Cydia to your iOS device in order to download bigU movie. Go to your springboard and tap on Cydia icon to launch it.


Step 2: Just like how you add a Cydia repo on an iPhone or iPod Touch, tap on Manage and then Sources. As for iPad user, you just have to tap on Sources directly.


Step 3: Tap on the Edit -> Add (It is a small button located on top right). Enter bigU repo into the “Enter APT/URL” box that appears. bigU repo is Tap on the Add Source button to continue. Other than this repo, you can also download bigU Movies from AppCake repo.


bigU repo


Step 4: Go back to Cydia Sources page and you should be able to see “Official bigU Team Repo” is added to your iOS device. Tap on that source and install bigU Movies app. Once it is installed, you can enjoy watching thousands of movies for free with an account.


If you think bigU Movies is not the best Cydia apps for you, try some of these alternatives: StreamKing, MovieBox.


How to get a bigU Movies Free Account


If you do join movie related online community, you should know that bigU is now an app that everyone has been talking about recently. It works awesome on an iPad with iOS 7.1. bigU app lifetime membership costs $19.99 but here are some easy steps to get a free account. Please think twice before you download bigU Movies because the movie site is very addictive!


Step 1: Access to this website Click on the Login button.


Step 2: Scroll down and click on the Forgot Password.


Step 3: Send an email to the Member Support. The email address can be obtained at the “Important Notice: Please Read” on the page. Wait for a few minutes then you will receive a valid user name and password for bigU Movies.
bigU movies app


This is a proven method that oneself can get a free account for bigU Movies. The purpose of giving this tutorial is to give a chance to potential buyer to test bigU Movies app before buying it. Please pay $19.90 to buy the app if you think it is really worth for you. Also, if you found a better way to download bigU Movies app, please share it out. What now? It is time to watch 300: Rise of an Empire, The Legend of Hercules, American Hustle, Thor: The Dark World, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and many more.

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