Cydia Alternatives for All iOS Users


Regardless of which iOS versions you are using, iOS 7.1.2, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 or even iOS 9, you are welcome to try any of these Cydia alternatives because they are free. Just like Cydia, some of these alternatives provide you tons of free Cydia apps and jailbreak tweaks. The only difference is that you can use some of these alternatives to download free apps with no jailbreak. In other words, you can download cracked apps without jailbreak. That’s what makes these the coolest Cydia alternatives available in the market today.




iNoCydia is created by GamingWtihViro. This app is hosted by Emu4iOS. It has a few popular apps, tweaks, and games from the Emu4iOS Store. With iNoCydia 2.0, you can customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in any way you want. Take a look at iNoCydia, you will find a few apps and tweaks that you never see in the Apple App Store. Although the number of apps in iNoCydia is not comparable to Cydia App Store, it requires no jailbreak or no computer to run, which makes it one of the best Cydia alternatives available for now.
Cydia alternatives

Custom iOS


Custom iOS is a useful tool which allows any iOS users to customize their device in ways they couldn’t normally. No jailbreak is needed to use Custom iOS.




Kuaiyong is a crazy thing to let you download free apps without jailbreak. It is an application developed in China but Kuaiyong English is now available. It takes only a few steps to search for your desired app and install it with Kuaiyong. Try it now and you will know how amazing Kuaiyong is.




According to feedback from our reader, iOSEmulatorSpot is just an alternative to Cydia, nothing more you can expect. It is just another “source” to download those non-jailbroken apps. These apps are usually free because they are open source apps.


Cydia Substitute


There are rumors saying Comex is developing a new Cydia Substrate alternative called Cydia Substitute but so far we haven’t heard of anything or any new update from Comex.


Apple App Store


Most people know that Cydia came before the App Store way back in iOS 1.0.0.x and it was what inspired Apple to create the App Store. However, what else can be the best Cydia alternatives? Obviously, the Apple App Store. Although Cydia has thousands of apps and hundreds of Cydia sources, there are still some paid apps in App Store that you can’t find in Cydia.


We have spent a day to test all the Cydia alternatives available in the market. iNoCydia, Custom iOS and iOSEmulatorSpot are three unpopular apps. They don’t really host a lot of apps or games as expected. However, they work as Cydia alternatives in certain ways. You can use it but it’s at your own risk. Cydia is still the best way to download free apps. Use Apple App Store if you don’t feel like to jailbreak because App Store does provide tons of free apps and games too.


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