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“Ah Ah Ah Ah~ I’m a mother father gentleman!” This is a nice song and is it possible to make it into a ringtone and play it on iPhone when someone is calling? Yes it is possible. With some amazing Cydia apps, you can now create an iPhone ringtone from any song in iPod library. There are at least 10 famous ringtone maker apps in Cydia Apps Store which allow you to create and customize your own ringtone. Here in this article we are going to share the top three best free Cydia ringtone maker.


The first one, MyTones


MyTones was launched a few years ago and nowadays it is a popular ringtone maker app in Cydia Store. This app allows you to create ringtone directly on your iPhone from any music or songs stored in your iPod library. It is one of the best ringtone makers because it is free and it is extremely easy to use. All it takes is less than 3 minutes to create a ringtone. First, launch MyTones and select the song or music you want. Second, set an interval of maximum 30 seconds and tap on the “Make Ringtone” button. Third, play your ringtone and see if that is the section you want. Once you have confirmed the section you want, the new ringtone can be found in your phone’s Settings->Sounds. To download it for free, you will have to go through BigBoss repo.


Mm, UnlimTones, One of the best Cydia ringtone makers


UnlimTones was once tagged as “The only Cydia app you will ever need to make free ringtone”. This app allows you to customize any song you want and make them into calling ringtone and SMS alert. With UnlimTones you are able to download ringtones from the server and save it into your iPhone. A very good feature in this app is that you can set the “Start Time” and “End Time” to adjust the time in your song where you want your ringtone to start and end. With this feature you are able to remove “Ah Ah Ah Ah~” and make “I’m a mother father gentleman!” as your ringtone.


Any ringtone, AnyRing


Last but not least, AnyRing is yet another useful ringtone maker. This app is compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6. With AnyRing you can select any song on your iPhone and turn them into ringtone without the need of any audio conversion. MyTones and UnlimTones can do the same and they are free but AnyRing costs $3.99. Wait a minute, AnyRing has more features compared to the above two apps. AnyRing allows you to transfer ringtones over Bluetooth to other iPhone running on AnyRing. Besides, you can also record your own voice or download music from Youtube and make them into a ringtone. Isn’t it wonderful? A 30 second ringtone usually cost $3-5 dollars but now a $3.99 app allows you to create unlimited ringtone to your iPhone. Don’t you think it is worth?

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