How to install Cydia without jailbreak?


Many of us are wondering how to install Cydia without jailbreak the iDevice. Our team spent a couple hours on the internet as well as bookstores to look for a way to download Cydia to an iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it. We spent almost a day to install Cydia on a non-jailbreak iPhone 4S and a New iPad. Sadly, the result shows you can’t install Cydia to any iDevices without jailbreaking. The number one reason why it does not work is because Cydia needs to gain access to the root area. Without jailbreak, Cydia is not allow to access to the root of the iOS device due to all the restrictions imposed by Apple. Therefore, it will not work. If you are interested to know how we “try” to install Cydia without jailbreak, here are the steps we took. You may try it on your device but there is no guarantee. If it works, please send us a feedback using the comment box below.
Cydia without jailbreak
This experiment is done using an iPhone 4S running on iOS 5 and a New iPad. The first thing we did was to connect both the devices to an active Wi-Fi spot with valid IP assigned to them. On the other hand, we connect a computer to the same Wi-Fi network. We access both the iDevices using a SFTP program called Cyberduck. Cyberduck works very well on any Mac. However, if you are using Windows you may try to use WinSCP. Both of these SFTP programs work well for SSH. To connect both iDevices and our computer together, we get the iDevice’s IP address from the iDevices’ Wi-Fi settings and put them into the Host Name field in Cyberduck. The user name field is filled with root and the password is alpine. Click on the login button and here we are! We are now able to SSH into both the iPhone 4S and the New iPad.
As soon as we are already SSH into the iDevice, we went to Utilities and then Terminal. Again here we enter alpine as root password and put in “ssh root@”. If you are trying on your own you should replace to your iDevice’s IP. Here it comes the most important part of the day – Install Cydia without jailbreak the device. Yes, we did not jailbreak both the devices and now we are going to get Cydia on them with one line of command:

apt-get install cydia

What now? The screen of iPhone 4S turned black and it shows a couple error messages “Internet Server Error” and then the device gone blackout.
There are tons of videos on YouTube showing you how to install Cydia without jailbreak. We have tried some of them and none of them are working. All of them are fake things. The results told us that it is IMPOSSIBLE to download Cydia without jailbreaking your device for now. Do not try any of them except you have prepared for the worst which may break your iDevice. Try this method how to download Cydia for free if you are looking for a genuine way to get Cydia work on your device.

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