Top 10 Free Cydia Apps for iOS 6.1


The latest iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch are now running on iOS 6.1. If you own any of these iDevices and would like to know what are the best free Cydia apps for them, you have reached the right place. The top 10 apps here are going to be different with the previous Top 10 best Cydia apps for iPad because that list is only for iPad. Before checking out all these apps, you may follow the steps on how to download Cydia for free if you haven’t got one on your iDevice. Ready? Let’s do it! (Note: The numbering isn’t the ranking for the apps)
1. Pinch to Unlock

The name of this app has told you everything. Basically this is an app to allow you to pinch to unlock your iDevice instead of the classic slide to unlock. Another thing you can do with this tweak is you can go to setting and you can choose to unlock with sound or without sound. Both the selections are under the sound options.
2. iCon Bounce

The second free app we going to talk about is iCon Bounce. iCon Bounce is a super-duper simple Cydia tweak. All you can see under the setting is enable or disable. Once you have activated this tweak, you can see your icon bounce once awhile. It added some coolness to your device.
3. NowNow

It’s my life, it’s now or never! If you have got a lot of things you need to do in your life, do it now! NowNow replaces Siri with Google voice search. With NowNow, whenever you hold down the home button or press three times, Google Voice Search will pop up and you can search for anything with your voice. The only setting for this app is the activation methods. You can shake your device, hold left, hold right, or do a bunch of things to activate NowNow.
4. MultiStorey

MultiStorey add another “Storey” (layer) to your screen when you usually double click your home button. It allows you to fit more apps to it.
5. PodControl

PodControl basically add a music player to your home screen. You will see Previous, Play/Pause, Next, and music information. This app helps you a lot with your music and it is a must for music lovers.
6. NCColors

NCColors allows you to customize your notification center’s background with colors. Under the settings, users can enable or disable this tweak, enable or disable its Blur feature, as well as configure the red, green, and blue sliders to create any customized colors they want for Notification Center.
7. Zeppelin

If you haven’t heard about Zeppelin then you have to download it now. It is free and it enables you to customize your carrier logo. You can select Apple, Abstergo, Android, Autobots, Superman, Nike, Pac-Man, or any icons come with the package as your carrier logo. You can also go to Cydia and download more icons.
8. NCSettings

NCSettings free cydia apps

This is more like SBSettings but with more options. You can add popular settings toggles to notification center for quick and easy access from anywhere. One thing good about this tweak is that it doesn’t take up too much space in the Notification Center. You may access toggles for Wi-Fi, Brightness, Volume, Location Services, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Orientation Lock, and Respring within a tap with NCSettings.
9. Unfold

Sometimes a tweak doesn’t have to come with a long list of functions to be in the top 10 free Cydia apps list. Unfold is a tweak that gives you the unfold effect. It deserves a place in the top 10 because it makes your device looks cool.
10. Password Pilot

Password Pilot is a very useful Cydia app especially for people who have too many passwords and often forget their passwords. This app saves your App Store password so that you don’t have to frequently re-enter it every time you log on. It is one of the best free tweak you can find on Cydia that will saved your password and keep it encrypted.
That’s all the top 10 free Cydia apps for iOS 6.1. If you do found some special apps that you think it deserves a seat here, share it at the comment box below. Last but not least, Happy Valentine!
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