How to Reinstall Cydia


We often see a new wave of technological advancements in mobile computing. Anything you previously downloaded will be out dated very soon once a new operating system is being released. This often includes mobile apps, jailbreak softwares, Cydia, as well as Cydia apps. Sometimes, a jailbroken iDevice will give you headache when Cydia is not opening especially if you have upgraded your iOS version recently. If your Cydia is not working or it keeps crashing when you try to open it, here are some scrumptious steps on how to reinstall Cydia without re-jailbreak your iDevice.


Step 1: Make sure you have completely remove Cydia before reinstall it


Check and see if there are any previously installed Cydia files on your device. There may be some files on your device although Cydia is crashed. Follow these steps to completely remove Cydia to make sure there is nothing left before you reinstall a new version.


Step 2: Prepare the things you need


First of all, you will need to prepare a computer (it can be a Windows PC or Mac) with SSH or SFTP installed. The method shared here require a computer to SSH Cydia installation file to your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch. You will need to rejailbreak your device with software such as Redsn0w or Greenpois0n if you prefer to reinstall Cydia without SSH.


Step 3: Download DEB file


Go to Saurik website ( and look for the latest Cydia version. You will see a long list of deb files. Hit Search and look for Cydia. We would always recommend to download the latest version. Save the DEB file to any locations in your computer.


Step 4: Connect your device


Now connect your device to your computer and launch the SFTP Client program from your computer. You can download any SFTP program you prefer if you do not have one. WinSCP, Filezilla, Swish, BitKinex, CoreFTP LE, and FireFTP are a few good one for Windows users. As for Mac users, you may choose Cyberduck, Panic, or Flow. Test the connection between both devices once everything is connected.


Step 5: SSH Cydia and run the installation


SSH the DEB file you downloaded into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch at /private/var/mobile/documents/. Double check the path you type in. The installation cannot be completed if the path is incorrect. Now go to the path from your iDevice and you will see the deb file. SSH again from your computer if the file does not appear in your iDevice. Tap on the DEB file and then tap on “Installer” to start the installation. Your device’s screen will turn black with some words telling you the installation is running. All it takes is just a couple minutes for the process. Tap on the “Done” button after the message “Finished with Result Code: 0”. Reboot your iDevice and you will see the familiar brown Cydia logo on your home screen.



Technology is always advancing. All you need is less than 10 minutes to reinstall Cydia if you follow the steps correctly. You may also be interested in: How to install Cydia without jailbreak?, How to install Cydia on iPhone 4 with iOS 6.

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  1. marfatia
    April 9th, 2014 at 5:10 pm #

    I get the error message that safari cannot open it because it a local file.

    Any advice?

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