How to Update Cydia


Cydia is one best gateway leading to unlimited iOS apps. With Cydia installed to a jailbroken iOS device, users are able to download and install unlimited apps that are banned from Apple Store. Basically, most of the jailbreak supporters can’t live without Cydia in any single day. Therefore, once their Cydia version is outdated, it is a must to update it. In this article we will share you a few super-duper simple steps on how to update Cydia without re-jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch. Besides, you can also share your problems if you fail to update Cydia on your iOS device.


Update Cydia Automatically


The easiest way to update Cydia is to let it run automatically. This is the best method for dummies because it requires only a few taps on your device with an update notification. First, tap on the well-known brown color Cydia icon on your iOS device’s home screen. You will see an “Upgrade Essential” pop-up window appear if your Cydia version is out of date. Your Cydia version is the latest if you don’t see any “Upgrade” messages. Tap on the “Upgrade Essential” and top on the “Confirm” again on the next screen. The application will run by itself and Cydia will be updated within minutes. Tap on the “Close Window” and then go back to your home screen to re-open Cydia again. Now your Cydia will be updated to the latest version.

update Cydia

Update Cydia Manually


There is nothing to worry if you fail to update Cydia automatically using the method above because you can update it manually. First of all, go to to download the latest Cydia deb file. Make sure you get the correct one. Second, you will need an SSH program in your local computer. Cyberduck works well for Mac OS and WinSCP works well for Windows OS. Install OpenSSH and iFile to your iOS device if you don’t have it. Connect both your iOS device and your computer together. Now SSH the latest Cydia deb file you downloaded to your iOS device path at /root/private/var/root/. Launch iFile from your iOS device and look for Cydia. Tap on the Cydia icon and then tap on the Installer to run the upgrade process. Within minutes, you will get the latest Cydia version on your device. Manually update Cydia on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is a challenge to technophile but it is definitely not a tough task.


Common Cydia update problems


Here are a few common problems when a user tries to update Cydia. Do share yours at the comment box below and our readers will reply to you if they find any solutions.

“I open my Cydia and notice there is an update notification thus I follow the steps to update it. Once I have updated my Cydia, it keeps crashing and failed to load every time I try to open it.” – The solution for this issue could be due to one of the following reasons we have previously shared. Please make sure you did not download deb file for iPad and install it to iPhone. Please read this for more details: Cydia Not Opening.


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