IntelliScreenX 7 is now released for iOS 7 and anyone who has jailbreak their iOS 7 device can download IntelliScreenX 7 for free from Cydia. This is absolutely good news for those who have been using IntelliScreenX since day one. Cydia users who have been using IntelliScreenX must be agreed that it is one of the best Cydia apps of all time. This must-have app has earned a lot of good review from Cydia users as well as press. If you have missed IntelliScreenX 6, it is a good time to try IntelliScreenX 7 beta version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch because it is free.


What exactly does IntelliScreenX 7 do?

Just like the previous version, IntelliScreenX 7 is one of the best Cydia tweaks that allows you to glance at your important data on your lock screen. Without the need to “Slide to Unlock”, you can view news, email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, weather, and many more. Of course, this is not the only features available in IntelliScreenX 7. This app also comes with taskbar icons to notify you if there are any missed phone calls, email, or incoming SMS.




Instant access to valuable information is a one great feature from IntelliScreenX 7 because it helps to save a lot of time. No one wants to unlock the screen, go to the app, and then check if there is any update. With IntelliScreenX 7, you basically skip these steps to access the needed information. Other than just reading or viewing emails, this awesome app also allows you to edit, delete, or reply an email instantly. This tweak also comes with a quick reply feature where you can compose and send a message without opening the messages app. As for Facebook and Twitter, you can update your Facebook status or make a tweet a message within a few tap. In short, IntelliScreenX 7 is a free app that could save you a lot of time in life.


How to Download IntelliScreenX 7 from Cydia for Free

IntelliScreenX 7 iOS 7


For those who want to download IntelliScreenX 7 for free, you must first jailbreak your iOS 7 device. There are many ways to jailbreak your iOS device and evasi0n7 is highly recommended. Besides, you must download Cydia in order to install IntelliScreenX 7. There is no Cydia repo needed to download this app. Simply launch Cydia from your iOS device and search for IntelliScreenX 7 then you can install it right away. The beta version is available to download for free. Therefore, there is no need to look for crack version. In fact, no crack version is available for IntelliScreenX 7 for now. There are a few websites offering IntelliScreenX 7 cracked version. It has been tested and none of them are working. It is highly suggested to buy it if you really love this app. If you are a user of IntelliScreenX 6, you can purchase IntelliScreenX 7 at only $4.99 otherwise the cost for this tweak is $9.99 including the license fee.