Few years ago, a jailbreak user is allowed to download cracked apps to their jailbroken iOS device through a popular app named Hackulous. Hackulous is often known as Installous too. Both of these amazing apps provide thousands of paid apps for free to jailbreak users in the past. However, Hackulous is now down and the source no longer working for any iOS device. A Cydia user is still able to add Hackulous sources to their iOS devices but it won’t work anymore. Although the Hackulous repo is still exists, the program is no longer there. For those who are very keen on cracked apps, you can try out some of these alternatives to Hackulous. They are as great as Hackulous to install free apps on iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6 devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


Alternative 1: iFunBox


iFunBox is often regarded as the best Installous alternative and also the best alternative for Hackulous. It offers two different versions that work on PC and Mac. A user can download any apps they want to their computer through iFunBox. These apps can be transferred to a jailbroken iOS device. There are more than a thousand apps is available in iFunBox server at the time of this writing.


Alternative 2: vShare


vShare means “We Share”. It is a piece of software that works like Hackulous which share all kinds of iOS app on the server. For those who thought AppVV is down or discontinued, you might need to know that AppVV is the former name of vShare.


Alternative 3: AppAddict


AppAddict has been in the market for many years and it has proven to iOS users that it is one of the greatest Cydia apps ever for free apps hunters. Except the speed of the server, AppAddict is also well-known for its functionality. Many people consider AppAddict is the replacement for AppTrackr. In fact, AppAddict comes with many features that you don’t see in AppTrackr. Besides, AppAddict work on Android too!


Alternative 4: IPAStore or IPA Installer Console


IPAStore or IPA Installer Console is yet another best alternative for Hackulous. IPAStore works on iOS 8. It opens the door for you to access tons of cool Cydia apps for iOS 8. Go to BigBoss repository in your iPhone and you can install IPA Installer Console within a few taps.


Alternative 5: PandaApp


The slogan of PandaApp (or Panda App) is “Free Your Mobile Life!” It shows that the founder of this app has the intention to let anyone to use their mobile phone in anyway they want. Access to Panda App official website and you will be “Wow” with the number of apps, games and Cydia themes.


Alternative 6: Kuaiyong


Kuaiyong (also known as Kuai Yong) has been mentioned and has been featured in many articles in The main reason is the number of apps, tweaks, games and themes is simply tremendous. There is no further explanation needed to promote Kuaiyong. Download it right away to your iPhone and you will understand it immediately.


Other Alternatives to Hackulous: Appulous, Zeusmos, AppCake and HipStore.


The number of iOS users has tripled in the past six years although Samsung and Xiaomi are a big threat to Apple. More and more iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has been produced by Apple to feed the market. As a result, the number of jailbreak users has risen to more than a few millions in the past few years. When Pangu jailbreak is available for iPhone 6 with iOS 8 version, there are nearly a million people jailbreak their iOS device within a few days. Does it show that there is a need for an app that works like the Hackulous? Let us know your thought by leaving a high-quality comment here.