Thanks to Cydia, you can now triple your iPhone battery life with these cool Cydia apps from Cydia App Store. Maximizing an iPhone battery life is what most of the iPhone users always wanted. No one wants to experience a battery cutoff while having an important conversation. It is very exasperating to see an iPhone screen suddenly turn black while you are running an app or playing an exciting game on your iPhone. Furthermore, you may lost your way if you are driving with your iPhone GPS system.


Well, if you have had enough of these kinds of situations and wondering how to extend iPhone battery life, perhaps you should check out these iOS 8 Cydia apps. They work very well on iPhone 6 battery, iPhone 6 Plus battery, iPhone 5S/5 battery and iPhone 4S/4 battery. The right settings are able to triple an iPhone battery life otherwise it will at least double the power with the battery saver feature. Most of these tweaks work on iOS 8, iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.2 but some of them also work on iOS 7 as well as iOS 6. It is recommended to upgrade your iPhone to at least iOS 7 and download Cydia to it if you would like to enjoy a longer battery life on your iPhone.




BattSaver is a cool Cydia app that offers you the extra power you need so that you don’t have to carry a bulky powerbank with you all the time. Now you must have wondering how BattSaver extend your iPhone battery life. This app basically monitor apps or games that are draining your battery life. It will shut them down if they are not in use for a certain period of time.



BattSaver is not a free Cydia tweak. It comes with a $3.99 price-tag to download it from BigBoss repo. It works only on iOS 8 and iOS 7. Many iPhone users should know that the battery life is an issue for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So, is $3.99 too much for a battery saver tweak?


360 Battery Saver Pro


360 Battery Saver Pro is a professional battery management app for iPhone. Just like BattSaver, it shuts down unused apps and turn off automatic updates from time to time. Besides, you can customize the settings in the user interface to get the maximum battery life based on your usage, for instances, change the brightness when the battery power is low. Price wise, 360 Battery Saver Pro is free for life. That’s one imperative reason the 360 Battery Saver Pro is one of the best Cydia apps ever for iOS 8 and iOS 7 users.

360 battery saver pro




BatteryDoctorPro is a must-have battery management tweak for your jailbroken iPhone. It can be downloaded from BigBoss repository for free. BatteryDoctorPro is a standalone tweak from Cydia and it is different from Battery Dr. Pro which is available in the App Store. Basically, this tweak tells you how many hours of battery life left and allows you to set 3 profiles – Indoor, Alarm and Outdoor. You can customize seven different settings into these 3 preset profiles such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, LTE, Airplane mode, Brightness control, Bluetooth and Location services.


Indoor profile – Location services, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and mobile data should be turned off to save battery life while you are at home.


Alarm profile – What else you need while sleeping? Most of the things should be turned off except Alarm while you are sleeping right? Reduce the brightness, location services, mobile data and Wi-Fi can save up to 25% of your iPhone battery life during the night.


Outdoor profile – It is very important to keep the right settings for outdoor because it is the hardest situation to locate a charge point while you are stepping out. It is advisable to turn off as much things as you can except those you really need to use.

iPhone battery life BatteryDoctorPro


It is really common for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod Touch to be in the switch off condition especially when an Apple owner couldn’t locate a power plug for more than 24 hours. If so, why not try out every battery saver apps mentioned above since most of them are free?