It is a must to try Dreamboard themes if you want to customize your own iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a brand new look. There are many free themes available from Dreamboard and they are compatible with iOS 8 as well as iOS 7. Due to the number of themes Dreamboard has, it is not surprise that this app has the power to convert the look of an iPhone into a Windows Phone with Windows theme for iPhone. On the other hand, there are also a few free themes which can turn the look of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into an Android. Whether you want your own iOS design, Windows Phone look, or Android style, check out the best Dreamboard themes for iOS 8 here and you can try it out right away.



iWebOS dreamboard theme


Inspired by LG’s WebOS interface, iWebOS is a brand new theme for iOS 8 users. This theme allows iOS users to access to news feeds, weather and social networking accounts in an easy way. It offers something that iOS 8 doesn’t. For those who love the look of an LG phones, perhaps you will fall in love with this theme.


Paragon Theme

DreamBoard theme Paragon


Paragon is an awesome theme for those who love to have the feel and look of Windows 8 Phone. It is a new download from DreamBoard theme. With Paragon theme installed to your iPhone, you can have a brand new interface including the Home screen and Lock screen. Sometimes, you will mistake that you are using a Windows phone instead of an iPhone. To download Paragon theme, you can go to Cydia App Store and download it for $2.49.



BOXOR HD Theme iPhone


The latest iPhone 6, iPad and iPod Touch come with HD screen. BOXOR HD is a great theme to utilize fully the HD features on an iOS 8 device. It gives you a glass-feel effect through the User Interface. Most important, it is a free HD DreamBoard themes and compatible with iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 and 5. To download this theme, simply go to Insanelyi repo.



Metroon theme


Metroon is one of the best Windows themes you can consider if you want to download Windows theme for iPhone. This theme works iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5S, iPad, iPad Air as well as iPad Mini. To download this Windows theme for your iPhone or iPad, simply go to Cydia and add Insanelyi repo. So far, Metroon is the best Windows 8 theme available for iOS 8 users. However, you can also try some of the alternatives such as iWphone8 iPhone5 theme from DreamBoard.


Aero 2 iPad

Aero 2 iPad theme


Aero 2 iPad works best on iPad only. It is a cool DreamBoard theme that is particularly made for iPad. Aero 2 iPad turns your iPad into a Windows iPad by giving you a brand new Windows 8 look. Alternatively, you can also select Windows 7 look.


Other than DreamBoard, you can also try Winterboard, CSwitcher, CyDelete8 and CCClockOpenToAlarm8 for more Cydia themes. They are the best DreamBoard alternatives to get more awesome themes for iOS 8.