Here is your free guide to jailbreak Apple TV 4 (4th generation), Apple TV 3 (3rd generation), Apple TV 2 (2nd generation), and Apple TV 1. This is a free jailbreak method therefore no cost will be involved. Once you are jailbroken, you can add your favorite apps to your Apple TV such as Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, WatchESPN, and iTunes to watch free movies, TV shows, music and more. In addition, you can also install games from Cydia App Store and play it on your TV. There are games that turn your living room into a dancing studio or racing track. For those who feel excited to jailbreak your Apple TV, you may follow the step by step guide here to jaibreak your Apple TV.


Jailbreak Apple TV


You can jailbreak Apple TV 7.2, Apple TV 7.2.1, Apple TV 9.0-9.0.1 or any earlier tvOS with Pangu Jailbreak Tools. Once the jailbreak is completed, you can enjoy Cydia apps on your Apple TV. Right now you can only jailbreak Apple TV using Mac thus you need to prepare a Mac computer and a USB-Type C cable.


Step 1: First of all, make a full backup before you begin. Connect Apple TV to your Mac with a USB-Type C cable.


Step 2: Go to Pangu official website’s and download the free jailbreak tools. Click on the Apple tv icon to download the software.


Step 3: Extract the folder and launch Xcode. Go to Windows->Device and select your connected Apple TV device. Copy the device UDID and record it at any place you prefered.

jailbreak Apple TV
Step 4: Go to and login to your account on Apple Developer Center. Register your device UDID (obtained in Step 3) to Devices. You are required to register all devices if you have a few Apple TV devices.

jailbreak apple tv
Step 5: Open a web browser and go to to register a new App ID for your Apple TV device.
jailbreak apple tv
Step 6: Go to Select tvOS App Development, click next, and select your developer certificate.
jailbreak apple tv
Step 7: Now select all the Apple TV that you want to jailbreak. Download the file and save it to the atvjb folder. Rename it to “embedded.mobileprovision”.
jailbreak apple tv
Step 8: Launch Keychain Access app. Under Category, choose Certificates and open the property page. Your common name is the one labeled as iPhone Developer while your team ID is labeled as Organizational Unit.
jailbreak apple tv
Step 9: You are now ready to install Pangu Jailbreak Tools to your Apple TV. Go to Xcode’s Windows -> Device and create an ipa from the application folder. Press “+” and select the IPA you have just created. Bingo! Pangu Jailbreak app will be installed to your Apple TV.

Apple TV jailbreak
Step 10: The last step is the easiest one, click Pangu app and your Apple TV will be jailbroken within a few seconds. That’s it! Jailbreak is successful! A simple 10 steps to jailbreak Apple TV.


Apple TV Alternatives: Roku (see also Apple TV vs Roku) and KODI.


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