How to Download Cracked Apps with Cydia


According to a recent study, majority of iOS users jailbreak their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch because they want to install cracked apps to their iOS devices. Besides, jailbreak users also want to perform something Apple does not allow – customize their iOS devices. For example, change the look of an iPhone with different kind of free themes. Despite many things can be done on a jailbroken iOS device, the most attractive thing available in the jailbreak world is still the ability to download unlimited cracked apps. As a result, many people are dying to know how to download cracked apps with Cydia. Here in this article, you will find the steps by steps guide to download and install cracked apps to your iOS devices.


Basically, there are top three best Cydia sources to download cracked apps. These three sources are well recognized as the best Installous alternatives in the market today. They are AppCake, Apptrackr, and vShare. We are not going to explain them in detail in this tutorial. However, you may pick one and try it out with the steps below.

Appcake Screenshot


Step One: Please allow us to repeat this again – You MUST jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and make sure Cydia is installed in order to install cracked apps for free. Many readers follow the steps but they did not get it done because they are doing it on a non-jailbreak iOS device. Thus, we have to always repeat this step.


Step Two: Open your Cydia and click on Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add. A message box will pop up and ask for the Cydia source URL. It depends on which apps you want to download. Type in the source and then hit “Add Source”. Here are the Cydia repos for each app.

  • AppCake –
  • Apptrackr –
  • vShare –

Step Three: Your jailbroken device will start to verify the Cydia source you have just entered to the message box. It usually takes only a few seconds for the verification process. All you need to do is click on Add Anyway button and then Return to Cydia.


Step Four: Now you have added the repo to your iOS device. Back to your Cydia screen and tap on the repo you just download in step three. A list of apps will pop up then. Look for AppCake, Apptrackr, or vShare depending on which Cydia repo you download just now. Click on it and then click Install -> Confirm. All you have to do now is wait for a few seconds and then click Return to Cydia. Reboot your device otherwise you will not be able to download cracked apps. Now back to your Springboard and you should be able to see Appcake, Apptrackr, or vShare logo. Launch it and start your journey to install any cracked apps you have been dreaming all the time!


Last but not least, if you are in love with the app after trying the cracked version, we recommend you to head to the Apple Store and buy it. It is good to show some respect and support to the developer who built an awesome app for you.


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