Over the years, we have seen the launching of iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and the most recent iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. Just like Apple, Cydia app developers keep launching new apps to cater the market needs. Some are popular developers and some are private developers. As a result, we have also seen a lot of new Cydia repos keep coming out. Among the complete list of Cydia Sources, there are six default Cydia repos. Those default Cydia repos are definitely the best Cydia Repos but there are a few more deserve to be mentioned in the top 10 Best Cydia Repos list.

Cydia repo


1. BigBoss


BigBoss has been a very popular Cydia repo ever since Cydia was released in 2008. It is one of the best Cydia repos not just because of the number of apps it hosts but also the quality of app. BigBoss hosts a lot of cracked apps as well as high quality paid app which you can’t find in the App Store.


BigBoss Cydia Repo:


2. xSellize


xSellize was one of the best Cydia repos for iOS 7 and now it is also one of the most wanted Cydia Repos for iOS 8 users especially people who loves games. xSellize is one very important Cydia repo that hosts free games, tweaks, apps, ringtones, hacks and themes for iOS 8 users. You will love this repo if you love games.


xSellize Cydia Repo:


3. ModMyi


Just like BigBoss repo, ModMyi is a default Cydia repo where you will get it once you download Cydia to your iOS devices. It has been around since iOS 7 and now iOS 8. This wonderful repo will be around for iOS 9 or even iOS 10.


ModMyi Cydia Repo:


4. iHacksRepo


iHacksRepo hosts a lot of Cydia tweaks, apps and games. It also hosts a lot of themes that allow you to customize your own iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Moreover, this repo hosts one of the most wanted Installous alternatives, Zeusmos.


iHacksRepo Cydia Repo:


5. HackYouriPhone


HackYouriPhone is one of the greatest Cydia repos ever in the top 10 Cydia Sources list. This repo provides unlimited Cydia themes, icons and wallpapers for you to customize your iOS 8 devices.


HackYouriPhone Cydia Repo:


6. Intelliborn


Intelliborn is rated as one good Cydia repo not because of the number of packages. This repo provides a few very popular Cydia tweaks to jailbreak users and you absolutely need to give it a try. IntelliScreen X, My3G, IntelliID, MyWi and a few to be mentioned.


Intelliborn Cydia Repo:


7. Sinful iPhone


Sinful iPhone is more than just being the best Cydia repo for jailbreak users. This repo is supported by a group of people and the apps and tweaks available are updated from time to time. Other than cracked apps, Sinful iPhone repo also comes with mods, themes, games, wallpapers and many other interesting you need for your iOS devices.


Sinful iPhone Cydia Repo:


8. Insanelyi


With more than 8,000 packages available in this repo, Insanelyi is definitely qualified to be in the list of top 10 best Cydia repos. Yet, the number of packages is rising over the time, making it one of the most needed Cydia sources ever.


Insanelyi Cydia Repo:


9. BiteYourApple


BiteYourApple is often voted as one of the best Cydia repos by iOS 8 users because this repo provides tons of free apps and tweaks for iOS 8 devices. Download Cydia and add BiteYourApple repo once you are jailbroken, you will fall in love with this source immediately.


BiteYourApple Cydia Repo:


10. CoolStar


CoolStar has received a lot of LIKE from Cydia users. It is a cool Cydia repo for advanced users who are familiar with the command line. It is cool because it offers some of the most powerful tweaks. In addition to that, CoolStar is also a well-maintained Cydia repo.


CoolStar Cydia Repo:


These are the top 10 best Cydia Repos. Whether you agree or not agree with the list above, you are welcome to leave a comment.