We have mentioned that there are six default Cydia repos and sources in the top 10 best Cydia repos list and today will be a good day to check out these Cydia repos one by one. Obviously, they have something stand out of others and that’s the reason they are chosen to be the default Cydia sources. Default Cydia repos mean they are pre-installed in your Cydia once you jailbreak and install Cydia to your iOS devices. You can always add these repos to your jailbroken devices if you don’t see them in your Cydia. Now check out these default Cydia repos and their very best Cydia tweaks.


Six Default Cydia Repos


1. BigBoss – Repository:


BigBoss is one of the most popular Cydia Sources ever and you should check out the famous apps from this repo: SBSettings, Mrio Games Ringtones, Wi-Fi Sync, uTorrent Remote, BiteSMS, ScollingBoard AirPlay and more.


2. ModMyi – Repository:


ModMyi hosts thousands of apps and some of latest Cydia tweaks are: Flat6, Vue8, iBlue Theme, Airt LimE iOS 8, CallLogPro 8, Golden iOS 8 FolderIcons, LockBlur, Nijan Lite and more.


3. iSpazio – Repository:


A large number of cracked apps and free tweaks can be found in iSpazio repo. Try some of these free games or tweaks: Modern Combat 5: Blackout, MacID for iOS, Info Treno, Angry Birds Stella, Dungeon Hunter 5 and more.


4. Ste Packaging – Repository:


5. ZodTTD – Repository:


ZodTTD hosts a lot of famous Cydia tweaks from A to Z. This is one reason that it is the default repo for Cydia. In order to enjoy tweaks, mods and games from ZodTTD, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device.


6. Telesphoreo Tangelo – Repository:


Telesphoreo Tangelo is created by the founder of Cydia, Jay Freeman. The best iPhone apps, the best iPad tweaks and the best iPod Touch hacks can be found in this repo, for example, MobileTerminal, Cycorder, CyDialer, iWipe, Veency and a lot more.


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How to Restore Default Cydia Repos


For some reasons you might not be able to see the default Cydia sources in your Cydia. It is possible that you deleted them by mistake. Whatever the reason is, you can always restore all the default Cydia repos with just a few steps.


Step 1: Tap on Cydia and then go to More Package Sources.

default Cydia repos
Step 2: In this page, you will see a list of Default Cydia sources. BigBoss, ModMyi, iSpazio, Ste Packaging, ZodTTD and Telesphoreo Tangelo. In addition to that, you will also see some other Cydia repos such as Dev Team, KlodrikMcKr and others. Tap on the Cydia repo you would like to restore.

default Cydia sources
Step 3: You will be prompted a warning message when you try to add the Cydia repo. Tap on OK to continue adding the repo.


Step 4: Go back to Cydia. Tap on Manage and then Sources. You should be able to see all the default Cydia repos is now restored. Repeat step 1 to step 3 if there is still some Cydia repos are missing here.