Top Cydia Themes of All Time


Developers constantly launch new Cydia themes due to high demand from users. Whether you want a moving Cydia theme, HD theme, or a theme with sound, you can always download it from Cydia. Some of the themes are free while some are with a price tag. Here in this article I am going to share you the top 5 most popular Cydia themes of all time. All of them are highly rated and constantly receive good feedback from jailbreak users.


1. Ayecon Theme

ayecon cydia theme

Ayecon theme screenshots


Ayecon is always a 5-star theme from Cydia because it was designed to exploit Apple’s retina screen technology to the maximum. Ayecon is currently one of the best Cydia themes you can find from WinterBoard. There are over 120 cute icons available in the theme and every icon is uniquely designed so that it makes your iPhone or iPod looks great. Most iPhone users do not convert their screen back to standard once they use Ayecon theme because it is so awesome to be used. Lock screen, auto-app mask, iPhone dial pad skin, iPod music player skin, and status bar icons are some of the preloaded features.


2. Boss iOS Theme

Boss iOS cydia theme

Boss iOS theme screenshots


If you want a theme that makes your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that looks “cyber”, Boss iOS is the only theme you ever need. This theme will make your Apple device looks awesome because the icon is framed and designed with distinctive graphics. To download this theme, simply head to HackYouriPhone repo or Insanelyi source (this is one reason why both of these repos ranked in our Top 10 Cydia Sources) and look for Boss iOS.


3. Sublime Lock HD Theme

Sublime Lock HD theme

Sublime Lock HD theme screenshots


Sublime Lock HD is one of the most popular Cydia themes when it comes to HD themes. It works best for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, as well as iPhone 5. This free theme has a significant feature which is the twitter feed that allows you to access any twitter account in the fastest way. On top of that, this brand new LockScreen theme is beautiful and simple to be used. This lockscreen shows only a few important information on the homescreen. These include the high and low temperature followed by a few cute icons such as year, month, and date. “Trust me, even a six year old kid knows how to deal with this theme.” – Vega Koh


4. Glasklart HD Theme


Glasklart HD theme iPhone 5 screenshots


We might have to wait a few more years for the real glass-type iPhone but now you can turn your iPhone 4, 4S, or iPhone 5 to a glass-look phone with Glasklart HD theme easily. This theme makes your iPhone looks elegant and it is suitable for guys or girls. You know what? The coolest thing about this HD theme is the price. It is available in Cydia for $0! That’s sweet right?


5. MIUI Theme


MIUI theme screenshots


MIUI is the latest Cydia theme which was launched a few months ago. It is a complete theme for iOS users and it runs very well in iOS 5 and iOS 6. It is now available in the form of a Winterboard theme. If you are a minimalist like me, this theme will be an amazing thing to you because it offers a lot of simple icons that make your device look nice. You only need what is needed right? Other than that, MIUI has at least five features that make it a cool theme which includes lockscreen, theme customization, better dialer and contacts, great music player, and built-in screenshots.

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